Organic Food Worx will always make products in small batches and as locally sourced as possible. Our name has changed, along with our LOGO - but the taste and product will always remain the same. We are now CITIZEN RAW - and soon you will see our packaging change. This is to add to our response and growing customers!!!! So many things are changing and growing, but in no way changing any of our consistency, taste and flavor.

Give us your feedback. We have been expanding our social media - please #IAMCITIZENRAW

Doing this allows us to follow you and your lifestyle and from there we can all grow. "Citizen Raw" - MEANS that you are a citizen looking to better your choices, be a part of a local food revolution and support RAW and HEALTHY foods that better us all.

Please feel free to visit our INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - FACEBOOK - together we can all link ourselves to the purest form of sustainability - US


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