We call "Onion Pepitas" the mans cracker and we will tell you why.

I had a friend that was going through some prostrate issues and was getting up a few times during the night to urinate. I started to research how to help him and then created a recipe called Onion Pepitas. The goal was to create a flavor similar to Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. My dear friend incorporated them into his diet and we were thrilled at the success and relief he had by eating the Onion Pepitas. I am not able to make claims of success due to FDA regulations, but try them for yourself and let us know. We would be excited to hear your own success stories.

Do the research on how pumpkin seeds in your diet can assist your health.



Also - try them even if this is not something you are dealing with. Try them because they are nutritious and delicious. Eat them with an avocado, hummus, with a salad or just right out of the bag!!!!

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